Promoting International Peace and Security for Sustainable Development

It is essential for the globe to be unified in fostering peace and security in order to achieve sustainable development. It is only through worldwide peace that the nations of the world can be able to solve issues pertaining to human rights, culture, and health. For sustainable development to take place, countries need to work jointly to promote economic opportunity, protection of the environment and social well-being. These are the areas that international communities are focusing on sustainable development.

Reducing violence

There are currently many pockets of violence in the world, and this is eating deep into the global economy. Violence has hurt foreign trade, investment, health and infrastructural development of the countries involved in such feuds. As a result, international communities and different humanitarian groups are working together to prevent and mitigate the impacts of violence. They are also helping countries resolve conflict and to create positive peace.

Reduction of risk caused by disasters

Disaster can destroy nations and communities within a very short time. It goes all the way from natural disasters to cybersecurity. The best part is that groups dealing with these disasters are creating awareness on the need for data protection through the circulation of VPN memes and all. To reduce the disaster risk for natural calamities, the international communities direct their efforts towards coming up with measures that reduce the loss of lives and assets in the disaster-stricken areas.

Reducing poverty and supporting growth

International communities and other humanitarian bodies are working towards eradicating extreme poverty and promoting growth. This is through efforts like mobilizing resources from various sources through development cooperation to combat poverty cycles.  The communities are also looking to come up with gender-sensitive development strategies to allow equal rights to resources like finances and property to mention a few.

International peace and security efforts have proved effective in promoting sustainable development. This is through mitigating and reducing the risk of disaster, preventing violence and extremism, gender equality and through other peace and security agendas. Through unity, a lot can be achieved when it comes to sustainable development.

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